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Easy, Fast & Effective A/B Split Testing for WordPress

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SplitHero Overview

SplitHero allows you to easily and quickly setup effective A/B split tests for your WordPress websites. Setting up a new campaign involves just a few clicks; adding the URLs you want to test and the duration of the test— and you're off to the races. You can test up to 4 versions of a page and immediately start learning which version provides you with the best conversion rate.

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Why We Love SplitHero

There just aren't really any other options on the market like this. Solutions like Google Optimize are complex and overwhelming to try and setup. SplitHero simplifies the entire process and focuses on giving you a clean interface with an intuitive way to start split testing pages in just a few minutes.

Often times software we want to implement in our business ends up taking more time to manage than it's worth. SplitHero makes it easy to setup and measure campaigns without having to spend days learning the intricacies of a new piece of software— it does exactly what it's supposed to do without a headache.

Split testing your pages is a great up-sell for your care plan customers too! For customers with an eCommerce store or ones that are focused on signups for conversions, I've upgraded their care plan to cover developing versions of landing or sales pages and testing them. The SplitHero pricing model makes it easy to resell the service and still make a healthy profit, and the PDF reports are a great way to show your customers all the value you're providing.

Save 20% for the life of your account by using the coupon code: TAB20

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Additional Information

Split Testing for WordPress (Just Got Easy) - Our interview with founder Adam Lacey during the launch of SplitHero.

38+ Services to Increase Your Website Care Plan Recurring Revenue - SplitHero was featured in our list of ways to increase your recurring revenue.

Save 20% for the life of your account by using the coupon code: TAB20


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