White-label SEO work by a team you can trust to deliver stellar results.

SEOHive Overview

SEO Hive is a white-label SEO service that agencies can contract to provide SEO services for their clients. With three distinct “pathways” and generous pricing, you have a multitude of price points and ways you can help your clients achieve better search engine rankings. SEO is a natural fit for any agency looking to increase their recurring revenue beyond the standard care plans. Not only are SEO retainers typically higher-value, they provide your clients with more ROI that make you a vital part of their digital marketing efforts.


Why We Love SEOHive

Sure— there are a lot of white-label SEO services out there… But how many can you trust?

The co-founders (Jeffery Patch and Pete Everitt) are two stellar members of the WordPress community with a long track record of success.

Pete brings the technical aspect of SEO. Not only has his agency focused on this with their own clients, but Pete teaches a fantastic SEO course (Demystifying SEO) that proves he knows what he’s doing.

Jeffery brings the white-label experience with his background running Maintain.press, a white-label WordPress maintenance company.

Their approach of providing multiple pathways, a flat-rate pricing model, and transparent reports makes this the most advantageous white-label SEO product on the market.

Additional Information

Pete & Jeff talk about the launch of SEOHive on The Admin Bar podcast: https://theadminbar.com/podcast/seohive-the-answer-to-outsourcing-proactive-seo-services/

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