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A beautiful and highly-customizable video player with private video, chapters, and unique features.

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Presto Player Overview

Are you sick of YouTube branding all over you video embeds?

Does Vimeo and Wistia pricing seem insane?

Then you're going to love Presto Player: A complete video player with private video, chapters, muted autoplay, and closed captions β€” all fully customizable to match your brand!

Private Video

Securely serve private videos with just a few clicks.

Use Anywhere in WordPress

Works with Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and any WordPress page builder that accepts shortcodes!

Video Chapters

Easily add chapters toΒ  your videos to help users quickly skip to the information they need.

Sticky Player

With a click you can set your videos to stick to the screen so visitors can continue to watch as they browse.

High Performance

Integrated lazy-loading features keep your page speeds in check.


Self-hosted analytics let you see watch time, retention and more β€” all built in.

Muted Autoplay

Capture your visitors attention with videos that play on mute automatically.

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Why We Love Presto Player

I don't think video is going anywhere anytime soon β€” in fact, all the statistics show that video is becoming the preferred content consumption method for most internet users.

If you're going to put videos on your website, you have a couple of common options...

  • You can embed a YouTube video, which is okay... but you have to deal with the YouTube branding, poor performance, and no way to make them private.
  • You could get a Vimeo account, but even for the cheapest option (with very few options) you'll be dropping nearly $100 per account every year. A comparable plan would be $600 a year.

Or you could pick up the Presto Player and get everything you need while saving a bundle.

Presto Player works with any WordPress setup, including native integrations with Gutenberg and Elementor (Beaver Builder, Divi, and Oxygen are on the way!), or with a shortcode into your page builder of choice.

You're not going to find all of these features in any other video player platform (especially at this price!):

  • Private videos
  • Closed captions
  • Muted autoplay
  • Video chapters
  • Logo overlays
  • Sticky Player
  • Multiple sources
  • Complete branding control
  • Improved performance
  • Analytics

And they are literally just getting started. One of the features I'm most excited about on their roadmap is the ability to add a call to action to your video β€” the perfect addition to any sales page!


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Additional Information

Check out Presto Player in action!

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