Demystifying ‘White Hat’ SEO

A 6 module, step-by-step, actionable breakdown of on-page and off-page SEO.
Demystifying 'White Hat' SEO Marketing Development Academy

Demystifying ‘White Hat’ SEO Overview

Demystifying SEO is a 6-module course covering:

  • The Foundation – All the basics to ensure your website is SEO-ready
  • All About Keywords – Learn how to search for and identify the right keywords for your project
  • Starting with Content – How to create content to support your efforts
  • Making Content Work For You – How to distribute your content and gain traction
  • Maximizing Exposure – Tactics to maximize your reach
  • Measuring Your Success – Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign

For anyone building websites, SEO is an important part of the puzzle that can be overwhelming and confusing—but it doesn’t have to be.

Starting with straight-forward and proven methods will instantly boost your results and give you confidence to deliver more highly-optimized sites for your customers.

Why We Love Demystifying ‘White Hat’ SEO

If you are looking to better understand SEO, or want to deliver it as a service for your clients— look no further! Pete’s course is nothing but actionable and reliable advice to help you climb the rankings. Best part is, he breaks it down in a way that anyone can digest and implement into their processes right away.

You get lifetime access to all the course resources, membership to the private Facebook community, and live seminars and mastermind calls!

Pete actually helped me, personally, with a clients site just under a year ago. I can proudly say that contract has brought me in over $4,200 (and counting) and a ecstatic customer who’s ranking in the top 3 for all his targeted search phrases!

Additional Information

Serious SEO Sh*t – A live webinar to improve the SEO of a page Kyle built.

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