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You don't actually want higher paying clients.

Last week I posted a simple question to the group… “What makes your favorite client your …

Kyle Van Deusen

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The Best Free Opt-Ins for Web Designers & Developers

I'm a sucker for a good freebie— and who doesn't like free stuff? I've been collecting …

Kyle Van Deusen

High Speed Train In Motion On Railroad Track

Our Tips and Tricks for Getting Your SEO on Track in 2021

People make WordPress websites for a variety of reasons: To start a cooking blog, to promote …


Seohive Copywriing Examples

SEOHive White-Label Content & Copywriting Examples

Most recent articles written by SEOHive: Since SEOHive launched back in April of 2020 there has …

Kyle Van Deusen

Handsome Security Guard Standing In Sunglasses With Security Ear

Prioritizing Web Safety and Security on Your WordPress Site

Since the release of its very first version in 2003, WordPress has surely and steadily snowballed …


Software Licenses

Can clients use my plugin & theme licenses?

Learn how to handle sharing plugin licenses with your clients & the one question you should ask.

Kyle Van Deusen

ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

ADA Compliance | Basics

ADA Compliance is a loaded topic. There's a lot that can go into making sure a website is accessible and as of writing this there's no “real” documentation out there that states “This is what you need to do to be compliant”.

Matthew Sebert

Cloudflare Rules For Elementor

Creating Page Rules in Cloudflare for Elementor

Cloudflare improves your website’s overall loading speed with additional security and performance benefits. Amongst the many …

Dapo Babarinde

Paper Toy Ship

The One Tiny Thing I Had Never Thought Of When Selling Maintenance Plans To Clients

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of comments, a little Googling, and a half hour …

Donna Cavalier

Mailerlite Woo

Add WooCommerce Customer to a Group in MailerLite

For a while now I've been struggling with having multiple products in my WooCommerce store, and …

Kyle Van Deusen

Cloudways Migration

cPanel to Cloudways WordPress Website Migration

I saw a couple of posts recently in the group wondering what the process is like …

Matthew Sebert

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How to upload and use custom fonts on Elementor (Tutorial)

Have you ever suddenly got tired of using Google fonts on website projects? It has happened …

Dapo Babarinde